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LNS Technology

Liquid Petroleum & Natural Gas Systems (LNS) Technology, Incorporated, provides consulting and technical services to optimize the way your business manages fuel facilities and logistics operations. We are a General Services Administration (GSA), Multiple Award Schedule contractor. LNS was founded and incorporated in the State of Virginia as a product and services company by our current President/CEO in May 2002.  We provide the best the industry can offer in petroleum management from a Small Business Administration (SBA), Certified 8(a), and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB).


Initially focused on Department of Defense (DoD) Energy Management, with fossil fuel and natural gas as our core products, we have positioned ourselves as a solutions provider for mobility and utility fuel management in the commercial small business marketplace. We employ highly qualified professionals to develop and implement integrated product management systems, with a focus on the automated management of the fuel commodity.  Our company is a Veteran-owned, small business that continues to work with major fuel system solution providers who are industry leaders in energy management. LNS Technology’s system solutions can also be applied to other commodity management; from acquisition to consumption. With daily insight to the industry’s best practices, our team can provide equally robust support in automated fuel management as that which is provided by larger companies.

Management & Strategy Consulting

Management and Staffing Analysis is provided to evaluate the overall organization and the allocation of staff resources within your organizational structure.  This analysis considers if the required functions within the organization are being addressed and whether there is an appropriate level of effort to meet key functional demands.  The LNS analysis also considers alternative types of organizational structures and identifies an approach to best meet the need of your company.  Specific recommendations are made to employ a functional or matrix organization and to identify the best option for a liaison with other organizations to collaborate with on a regular basis.

The LNS analysis will include:

  • Surveys
  • Organizational analyses
  • Weekly coordination meetings
  • Forward-deployed staff
  • Reports & presentations

The results of this analysis will recommend strategies to optimize organizational structures and staffing to ensure all requirements are met in a timely and effective manner.

Program Planning

LNS provides program planning and cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) support to a multitude of agency program activities. Our independent reviews and assessments provide the detailed studies and reports documenting costs and benefits associated with program alternatives.  We can provide the studies and evaluations in multiple functional areas. Some areas include but are not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Business processes
  • Supply chain management

Whether it is the acquisition of a new system, an evaluation of new services, the purchase of new equipment or facility infrastructure material; we have the experience and expertise to provide the management assessments required.   Our company has provided planning support to major weapons systems programs, energy and fuel management programs, organizational efficiency studies, and staffing and mergers within the government and private industry.  In each evaluation or review, we supply the direct analytical support to you through documenting all costs and benefits associated with the proposed options.  Through the use of a CBA and complete life cycle analysis, we have been able to significantly reduce operational costs and provide valuable insight into key management areas requiring attention.

Studies, Analyses and Evaluation Support

LNS implements Strategic Analysis and Evaluation for government and commercial programs.  This analysis and evaluation entails a thorough review of your company projects, programs, and organizations to develop full understanding of missions and objectives. We closely work with you to identify and clarify the objectives within your charter. LNS evaluates ongoing planned program functions and activities to determine if your company’s established goals are being met and will recommend additional functions and activities as needed.  This Strategic Analysis and Evaluation will provide an objective overview which will streamline functions and activities to achieve goals and promote efficiency.

Technical Assessments

Specific Technical Assessments are designed for your company to support program development goals and provide an analysis on issues directly related to your needs. We also offer critical perspective on the information that you rely upon for your business practices and resources. The assessments provided by subject matter experts will allow you to plan more effectively and accomplish your core missions and objectives more efficiently, accurately, and thoroughly.    

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