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Fuel Management and Operational Solutions

LNS Technology delivers professional and technical fuel management expertise required to evaluate, assess, and integrate available automated management solutions. By analyzing customer requirements, our team is able to implement a system that achieves product visibility, inventory control, and accountability for the fuel supplier, user, and manager.

Based on operational requirements and the fuel manager’s business processes, we provide you  with the type of fuel management system that fits your operational and financial accountability specifications. This not only provides physical inventory accuracy through interfaces with existing tank gauging devices, but will also provide accurate financial inventory values based on accumulated transaction data. This multiple user visibility provides immediate insight to decision makers on product utilization or a product “buy” decision. It will also provide a more reliable basis for fuel budgeting by utilizing current and accurate consumption data.

LNS embodies energy management in a wide range of areas:

  • Aviation
  • Marine and industrial
  • Ground and heating fuels
  • Natural gas

Software Support

In the area of software support we bring experience, technical knowledge, and strong functional fuel specialists to implement systems as a part of joint integration teams. Our professionals work with various database platforms and operating systems to support client/server and enterprise system applications.

If you run a single facility, or manage multiple facilities as part of a government agency or commercial enterprise; we can help! We are able to apply our knowledge and experience within the fuel supply industry to select the most appropriate commercial products, and build them into fully scalable supply chain management solutions.

Material and Warehouse Management

LNS is an integrator of logistics support for petroleum, oil, lubricants (POL), consumable and repairable commodities. LNS has ushered agencies through the process of integrating their entire commodity management structure and supply support system with larger enterprise systems when cost effective, and maximizing internal systems when more appropriate. LNS has transitioned several agencies from their legacy processes of internal product sourcing, acquisition, material receipt, handling and storage to a larger more automated and integrated system. Within the Department of Defense (DoD), LNS has facilitated the integration of the material transaction processing and management through a joint system leveraging the capability of the corporate structure. This process has served to get maximum benefit from a more robust support structure with less investment in human capital, facility resources and the distribution and handling infrastructure.

LNS provides material and facility management assistance to customers including the full spectrum of operations and activities from ordering and receiving to distribution and movement to the end-user of materials. LNS efficiently performs both routine and non-routine incoming shipment activities including receiving and processing hazardous materials. Following a thorough material verification and quality inspection items are quickly processed to storage following a pre-established warehousing storage plan. Throughout the process, LNS analyzes transactions and data to determine and avoid any problem areas, and to determine feasibility of consolidating, eliminating or expanding interrelated supply systems. Prior to distribution, finished products are carefully prepared for shipment or storage by placing in shipping containers dependent upon specification. LNS completes the process by systematically securing cargo in or aboard cargo containers such as trucks, trailers, railroad cars, barges and ships to ensure damage prevention during transportation. LNS covers the broad range of material management from acquisition and handling through the storage process, to final consumption or end-use.

Consulting Services

We can help automate your fuel supply and keep you mobile across land, sea or air.

The services we offer include:

  • Facility Assessments
  • Purchase and Pricing Support
  • Accounting/Inventory Management
  • Operational Assessments and Business Practice Reviews
  • Commercial/Government Distribution Management Systems
  • Automated Solutions – Implementation Support
  • Information Technology (IT) support; system security and integration

Fuel Management Solutions

LNS delivers technical and management support to government and commercial customers for fuel management solutions. Our clients are provided with tracking and accountability support throughout the life cycle of fuel purchases from purchase to consumption including the process of receiving, distribution and storage.

To manage your product we advocate scalable software that can be used in a web-based or stand-alone client server environment. Our management solutions are tailored to fit operations ranging from small retail businesses to large wholesale and retail supply distribution networks. Our software solutions can be applied to track movement, account for inventory and transfer custody accurately. Exercising industry solutions, we supply the full spectrum of product and systems management. With a well established history in fuel procurement and automated fuel systems integration, we cover a wide range of petroleum products. The services and support we implement include:

  • DoD specific and commercial aviation fuels acquisitions for bulk storage and distribution.
  • Acquisition and management of the direct delivery of ground fuels and lubricants for transportation and conveyance equipment.
  • Procurement and management of commercial utility fuels such as heating fuel, natural gas, alternative fuels and coal as substitute energy fuel for power generation.
  • Government (DoD, Civilian Agencies) acquisition of fuel products for mobility and facility operations including users in the DoD under the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) centralized commodity management program and GSA contract users.
  • Fuel purchase and accounting systems at commercial airports for fixed base operators (FBOs) using the DoD Into-plane contracts and activities including Military Sealift Command refueling ports in the United States and overseas.

Automated Systems Integration

LNS Technology provides automated inventory management support for the DoD and other government agencies, including DHS and the USCG. In systems integration, LNS has successfully facilitated the integration of Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG), Point- of- Sale (POS) and the physical and financial inventory accounting systems implementation interfaced with the major enterprise host.


Specializing in program support for conversion of fuels management systems from manual to automated systems, LNS provides solutions to maintain total automation using automated fuels handling equipment (AFHE).  LNS facilitates the integration of support software systems to achieve central control over financial transactions and inventory accuracy in custody transfers at tank farms and major fuel facilities.

Industry Standards

We work to the highest of standards and are actively involved with many industry organizations, such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We can offer solutions and technical support services to assist in maintaining fuel operations in accordance with the API standards or the storage of bulk at tank farms and refineries. We also use preventative maintenance in accordance with local, state and federal regulations for overfill safety and leak detection.

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